Sorting Products by Best Sellers in Magento

Product-Sorting-(Web)Sorting products by best sellers is an important way to increase revenue. The way that your products are ordered is very important if you want to increase conversions. It makes sense that sorting products that are most likely to sell in front of customers will increase the purchases. I will tell you how to sort products by bestseller by default in the catalog.

How to Sort Products by Best Seller in Magento

To sort products by bestseller just follow these simple steps:

  1. Install Product Sorting on your Magento store
  2. Go to System -> Configuration -> Catalog and look under Frontend and change “Product Listing Sort by” to Best Sellers
  3. There is no step #3. It is that easy!

What else can be done with Magento product sorting?

The product sorting extension that you installed has many more features besides just sorting by best sellers. You can also sort by most viewed, highest converting, and more. You can even automatically sort out of stock products last. It is really a must-have for a serious Magento store.

Can I sort my custom product collection by best sellers too using the extension?

Absolutely! If you are someone who likes to code you can also use it to modify your existing collections. Just perform the following on any product collection:

Quick Extension Overview

Magento Product Sorting increases the effectiveness of your online product catalog and can increase your conversion rates. Sort products on your sales page by Best Sellers, Top Performers, Most Viewed, Number of Reviews, and more. Easily cascade your sorting options – such as always showing in stock items first.

Improving First Byte Time in Magento

Full-Page-CacheFirst Byte Time is very important for a stores usability and search engine ranking. Improving the First Byte Time can improve customer satisfication and rankings in search engines. The end result is more revenue for the store.

What exactly is First Byte Time (FBT)?

First Byte Time is one aspect of load time. Load time = First Byte Time + Download Time. In general, a First Byte Time is dependent on how fast your hosting platform is and the size of your Magento store. In addition, some extensions can slow First Byte Time. As bottlenecks increase the First Byte Time will also increase. In Magento the primary bottleneck is the database and in general waiting for the database is what causes most of the slow speed.

How can First Byte Time be improved?

The easiest way to improve First Byte Time is to use our Magento Full Page Cache. With our extension, the FBT can be drastically reduced. In some cases by as much as 100x. The page cache works by reducing load on the database and reducing processing of the page generation. The end result is a faster site and reduced server load.

Features of Extendware Page Cache?

The Extendware Full Page Cache is the fastest and most flexible page cache available for Magento. It even outperforms the Magento Enterprise Cache. It does this because it is multi-leveled. The primary cache does not even require sessions or database. The secondary cache supports advanced hole punches for dynamic content. The end result is the fastest store possible. Review the product page for a full list of features.

Extendware offers an array of performance extensions that affect different aspects of performance. Review all our Magento extensions to improve your store even more.

Quick Extension Overview

Full Page Cache reduces your Magento store’s First Byte Time, Increases your web server request rate, reduces database load, and makes your store much more responsive. Extendware’s Caching solution is the best Magento Caching Performance Extension you can buy to speed up your store and easily pays for itself by saving you money rather than buying expensive hardware solutions to increase your Magento store optimization rates.

Magento Review Reminder

Review-Reminder-(for-web)Getting your products reviewed by real customers can boost sales significantly. Unfortunately, many customers forget to write reviews. Magento Review Reminder will help solve this issue for you by sending emails to customers after they have placed an order and reminding them to write a review.

The extension is very simple to use. You can send a series of reminders to customers in order to remind them to review and you can even include a coupon in the email.

Quick Overview

Review Reminder allows you to remind your customers to leave a review about the products in their order. You can send an unlimited number of follow-up emails and even attach a coupon to the follow-up to encourage reviews.


Magento Affiliate Program Extension Released!

Extendware’s Affiliate Program for Magento has been released! Do you want to take your sales to a new level? Then you need to start an affiliate program. No matter how many sales people you hire it will never compare to 100s of motivated, commission-based, individual affiliates that concentrate on selling your products to their existing contact lists. That is the power of an affiliate network.

We offer a complete solution that gives you the tools to manage your own affiliate network. Easily setup affiliate accounts and create banners so they can begin advertising your store. Your affiliates can easily view statistics and create links in their backend, so they can see the results of their campaigns.

Why is an affiliate program better? An affiliate program is better than most other forms of advertising as it is result-based. You only need to pay your affiliates when they produce sales. There is no risk to you as they will not be paid unless they generate revenue for your store. Compare this to google advertising and other forms of advertising where you have to pay whether sales are generated or not!

Have a look at the Magento Affiliate Program Extension to get started!

Quick Overview

Easily create an affiliate network, so that your store is promoted around the clock. Our affiliate extension is highly configurable. Easily create multiple campaigns / programs, multiple commission rates, multiple commission tiers, and banners. Start your affiliate network today so your store can grow!

Magento Product Feeds Updated

Extendware’s Magento Product Feed allows store owners to create feeds for various shopping sites (google,, yahoo, etc) with ease. Over the last month we have been making a lot of under the hood changes to the extension to bring even more ease of use and capabilities to our valued customers.

Here are some recent changes to our Product Feed extension:

  1. Multi-attribute fields – sometimes you need to combine various product attributes to create a search optimized field value for a shopping site. The most common use case would be creating better product names which enhance visibility in the product search engine. For example, you could combine the manufacturer, category, and more with the product name. Here at Extendware we could do something like this “{{var name}} for {{var platform}}” to make a feed field look like this for Feed Creator Pro: “Feed Creator Pro for Magento”. The possibilities and flexibility are endless!
  2. Filtering on dynamic attributes – Dynamic attributes allow the creation of new product attributes that change based on the value of other product attributes. Now it is possible to exclude products from the feed based on the value of a dynamic attribute
  3. Price output types – you can now set the output type for a field to be “price”. This will ensure the outputted number has no more than 2 decimal places and if desired will also format the price with the currency symbol.
  4. Filtering on empty – if you filter a product attribute and leave the filter value empty, then it will both match empty values and null values. Previously there was not way to match null values

We highly recommend upgrading to the latest releases and be sure to check back as we are constantly adding new features! Also, be sure to check out the Magento Product feeds page for full feature details.

Quick Extension Overview

Extendware’s Magento Product Feed easily creates product feeds for a variety of services such as Google, Yahoo,, and more. The end result is increased exposure for your products and increased revenue as a result. Compatible with XML and CSV / TXT feed formats.

Magento Loyalty Extension Released

Enhance sales and reward your most loyal customers with discounts. Loyalty programs allow you to incentivize customers to purchase from you instead of competitors. With our Magento Loyalty Program you will be able to incentive customers based on order history, average order amount, and account age. We provide you with 3 new sales rule for creating unique sales rules that reward a subset of your customers and we also provide a standard loyalty program based on order history. When customers feel like they have an investment in your business, they will be more likely to be repeat customers!

How is our loyalty program different?
It is extremely flexible. It provides 3 new sales rule and it also operates outside of sales rules. This means it will not conflict with any existing sales rules. It allows discounts on the marginal dollar, so customers do not have to place multiple orders to maximize discounts. View the Magento Loyalty Extension page for more information.

Magento Product Labels Extension Released

Highlighting your special offers, featured products, sale items and more can improve your catalog’s conversion rate. What good is a promotion if you are not communicating the promotion effectively to your customers? Magento Product Labels allows you to highlight products by placing images / labels over the product image.

The number of marketing possibilities are endless. Mark items as being on clearance, put a graphic an “50% OFF” label on a product, or show which products are new in your catalog or which have free shipping. Magento Labels Extension includes advanced filtering rules and features. It is only limited by your imagination!

Informing customers of hot items, sales, etc is not the only use-case of Magento Labels. You can also use it to inform customers of special product characteristics. For example, highlight a product as being “100% natural”, “Organic”, “Made Locally”, “1 Year Guarantee” or anything else you can imagine. The goal is to communicate important information in an emphasized, visually pleasant way! You can even place multiple ribbons on a single product image.

Magento Product Feeds Updated

Extendware’s Magento product feeds has received a significant update that makes creating feeds much more flexible. Here is a run down of the added features / fixes:

  • New category path attribute flexibility – The attribute “Parent Category > Product Category” now allows you to select your own separator and choose the maximum number of ancestors to show.
  • New output filters – Now you may make a field all lower case or upper case by selecting the upper / lowercase output filter.
  • New image URLs – Image urls will output the uncached image url. This is superior as URLs will not be validated if you flush the media cache.
  • Dynamic attributes enhancement – The default value of a dynamic attribute can now have a transformation type associated with it. For example, you may take the produce price and multiply it by 1.2 (or a tax rate) for certain products.
  • Ultimate customisability – We attempt to meet the requirements of all stores and all feed specifications, but know it is impossible out-of-the-box. For special circumstances where default attributes do not work you may now modify attributes or add your own using the Magento event / observer model.