Improving First Byte Time in Magento

Full-Page-CacheFirst Byte Time is very important for a stores usability and search engine ranking. Improving the First Byte Time can improve customer satisfication and rankings in search engines. The end result is more revenue for the store.

What exactly is First Byte Time (FBT)?

First Byte Time is one aspect of load time. Load time = First Byte Time + Download Time. In general, a First Byte Time is dependent on how fast your hosting platform is and the size of your Magento store. In addition, some extensions can slow First Byte Time. As bottlenecks increase the First Byte Time will also increase. In Magento the primary bottleneck is the database and in general waiting for the database is what causes most of the slow speed.

How can First Byte Time be improved?

The easiest way to improve First Byte Time is to use our Magento Full Page Cache. With our extension, the FBT can be drastically reduced. In some cases by as much as 100x. The page cache works by reducing load on the database and reducing processing of the page generation. The end result is a faster site and reduced server load.

Features of Extendware Page Cache?

The Extendware Full Page Cache is the fastest and most flexible page cache available for Magento. It even outperforms the Magento Enterprise Cache. It does this because it is multi-leveled. The primary cache does not even require sessions or database. The secondary cache supports advanced hole punches for dynamic content. The end result is the fastest store possible. Review the product page for a full list of features.

Extendware offers an array of performance extensions that affect different aspects of performance. Review all our Magento extensions to improve your store even more.

Quick Extension Overview

Full Page Cache reduces your Magento store’s First Byte Time, Increases your web server request rate, reduces database load, and makes your store much more responsive. Extendware’s Caching solution is the best Magento Caching Performance Extension you can buy to speed up your store and easily pays for itself by saving you money rather than buying expensive hardware solutions to increase your Magento store optimization rates.