Composer support for Magento 2 extension and modules

Extendware starts in 2023 with even more developer support and takes the next step for professional Magento 2 development. From now on, Extendware offers free Composer support for all Magento 2 extensions and modules. 

Extendware relies on the data security and competence of and offers all customers to request individual, free repository access for all existing and future Magento extensions. 

As a special bonus, all customers with Composer repositories receive an additional 3 months of service and support for existing licenses free of charge. Six months thus become nine months of support – 12 become 15 and so on. 

Further information, how to install Extendware Magento Modules with composer or how request a private repository access, can be found here.

Automate you store translations with DeepL Translator for Magento

Open new markets by adding more languages to your Magento store. Our new DeepL Translator Extension for Magento helps you to translate products, attributes, categories, CMS pages and blocks and even blog posts within minutes.

DeepL translator for Magento

While at the moment the extension already supports German, English, French, Spanish and Polish, by the end of July 2022, you will get fully automated and high quality translations for 28 languages for your Magento shop.

Find out more about DeepL Translator for Magento here.

Magento 2 and 1 Extendware Shops relaunched

Our spring clean up is running at full speed now. We recently relaunched our Magento 2 and Magento 1 Extension shops with complete new designs.

The new Magento 2 store is based on new Hyvä Theme, which is specially optimized for page loading speed.

Additionally we added now a real time chat, based on RocketChat for live customer support, at the bottom right corner of the store. Depending on the availability of our agents, the icon will be shown in green (active) or grey (inactive).

So, if you have a question about our Magento Extensions, Magento Development or other questions, feel free to contact us.

New Extendware Service Desk and 24 currencies

We migrated all our knowledge base entries, reviewed them and published them within our new service desk, which can now be found at

The new service desk provides a powerful Elasticsearch integration and the ability to directly create support requests within the help center.

Extendware 24 currencies supported in Magento 2 store

24 currencies now supported in our Magento 2 store

As of today, February 20th, 2022 we are happy to announce, that we now offer 24 currencies with our payment providers PayPal and Stripe: AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, HUF, ILS, JPY, MXN, NOK, NZD, PHP, PLN, RUB, RON, SEK, SGD, THB, USD, ZAR.

Find a detailed table which currencies are provided by which payment providers here.

6 Tips for Starting Your Entrepreneurial Leap on the Right Foot

Your brain has been teeming with this business idea for a long time, and you feel like you’re ready to pursue your dream of being an entrepreneur. You may have a job or be between jobs, but that feeling of being ready is too strong to ignore.  

Before you jump into the startup pool, step back and take stock of what that decision means to you on multiple levels and decide if you’re truly ready to be as vulnerable as the process will make you.

Establish Your Funding

Entrepreneurs with a great network will find this part easy, but for many, it’s a challenge. Many business owners self-fund with a little help from friends and family. Others are able to get financing from lenders. In all cases, calculate your startup costs and come up with a timeframe and plan for spending your capital.

Get a Mentor 

Despite the fact that nine out of 10 entrepreneurs agree that mentors make a positive impact on the survival of a business, less than a quarter of small business owners had a mentor when they started their business. That’s an opportunity to start your business on the right path because mentors shorten the learning curve, especially if that person worked in your sector. One place to find your own Miami-based mentor is SCORE.

Choose Your Business Structure

Formalizing your Florida business has numerous benefits for you as an entrepreneur. There are tax advantages to establishing your startup as a limited liability company (LLC), for example, as well as the ability to protect your personal finances from business liabilities. One of the biggest benefits is that with a formalized business entity, you stand a better chance of being taken seriously by a lender when you need to apply for a loan or a line of credit. The rules for registering a business vary by state, so check those out before starting the process.

Invest in the Right Technology

There are several types of technology entrepreneurs need to invest in, such as accounting software. However, one of the most important is a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Customer service is a dealmaker when it comes to brands standing out. CRMs help businesses understand the value of their customers over the lifetime of the business. A good CRM that provides insight into purchasing habits and opinions has an average ROI of $8.71 for every dollar spent.

Create Your Business Plan

Putting ideas on paper can be the difference between a dream and a goal. Planning your business not only makes it real but more viable. In fact, entrepreneurs who create a business plan are more likely to follow through on starting their business. They become tuned in to the business’ performance and strategies, making it more likely that the business moves beyond the startup phase to growth. 

Give Yourself the Best Chance for Success

Having a great business idea is one thing, but there’s a lot more to entrepreneurship. You’re the biggest investor in your business, so make smart choices before you start.

Make your company’s e-commerce platform more functional with the help of Magento extensions from ExtendWare.

A New Horizon Ahead

As we move forward, here at we are looking to improve our website and add more tools to help your ecommerce business to grow. We expect a lot changes in 2020; we want to thank all our customers that have stuck with us throughout the last few years.

You can expect a lot more from us and we are excited what lies ahead for We love to hear any feedback from our readers and from clients, anything that can help our site do a better job is welcome. As comes under a new ownership, we hope to learn more and continue our pursue for perfection.

We hope that our clients and their families stay safe during these uncertain times; we are looking forward to serve you in near future.

God bless you

We will be in touch soon!

Extendware Team

Covid-19 Special for Extendware Customers

Dear customers,

The COVID-19 pandemic has effected us all, and being a small business like yourself, we have had to make some drastic price cuts to our products and currently put all additional Magento 2.0 module production on hold for the time being.

To help you launch your projects as quickly as possible, we have decided to cut all prices of Extendware Extensions.

Please check out to see all the huge price changes.

We will still provide services (such as installation, migration and custom development) on an add needed basis. Please reach out to us out for additional details.

We hope this huge cut on pricing and plans will allow you all to continue to assist your business in this crucial time and we appreciate you helping to keep a small business like Extendware running.

Be safe everyone,


How Technology is Changing the Way You Hire

Advancements in technology in recent years have helped improve the hiring process of many companies. Interviewers now have access to all the information they need on their potential employees with just a few clicks on their screens and that helps make a hiring manager’s job quicker and easier.

There are many ways through which this whole process has been simplified and they were all created in order to help companies make the right decisions on hiring new employees. By hiring the right people, the company is going to move a step closer to success. Here are some ways through which the hiring process has changed over time.

Accessing information is much quicker

The very first way through which technology has changed and improved the way companies hire their new employees is through the digitalization of information. While in previous years interviewers had to go through all the documents a potential employee submitted, they are now able to access all that information through individual files on their computers.

On top of this, thanks to social media platforms and search engines, it is a lot easier to verify claims the applicants might have made in regards to their studies, past employment or anything else that is considered relevant. LinkedIn is a website most professionals use and it could really help clarify and verify any claims you might be unsure that your applicant has presented you with.

Online video interviews have simplified the process

While physical interviews might be considered the best option by some interviewers, online video interviews have broken down barriers that were caused by distance and other responsibilities. Physical interviews meant that the person applying for the job had to be somewhere close to the company in order to be able to be employed.

By giving applicants the opportunity to have an online interview, the company shows that they are interested in working with remote employees. Finding skilled professionals to fit a position isn’t always possible if you’re only looking for people who will work in the same office building daily.

Interview scheduling tools have aided organization

Along with giving more opportunities for companies to interview people through video calls, interviews have also become a lot easier to schedule for all parties included. Online tools and calendars such as Google Calendar and Evernote allow their users to schedule events, create notes and set up reminders for every interview or similar event they have coming up. 

On top of this, these tools allow their users to share their notes with those involved, so they can also keep track of any changes or modifications that have been made. Rescheduling an interview and keeping track of all the dates has never been easier and this simplifies the process significantly.

Companies can manage remote workers effectively

By giving companies the opportunity to expand their horizons and look into hiring professionals from all over the world, technology has given them a way to better manage their progress in regards to their work. There is technically nothing that a manager won’t be able to do with a remote team worker, no matter the distance that separates them and that gives them the chance to not have to worry about the distance when deciding on hiring someone from a different part of the world.

Emails, video calls and online text messaging allow the team to be in constant contact without having to worry about not being able to communicate on time about anything that comes up. This way, employers can be certain that their remote workers are working efficiently and are delivering the results they should.

Potential employees can know more about their future employers

Last but not least, something that indirectly affects the hiring process for many companies is the fact that their applicants are able to have access to a lot of information in regards to their companies. Being transparent about their actions is something that will help a potential employee chose to want to work with a company, as they will seem much more trustworthy and professional.

Thanks to social media platforms, companies can easily create a good image of their brand and show the world their work ethics and ambitions in the form of daily posts and updates. As long as your company is transparent about its work-related activities, the applicants you will come across will be motivated to work hard and help the company keep its good reputation.

Making the hiring process more effective

Technology has given employers the opportunity to come in contact with people from all over the world and from different backgrounds. Finding skilled professionals to fill out a spot in a company has never been easier and it is all thanks to the various apps, tools, and services which help aid communication and organization between teams.

The hiring process has been made easier and hiring managers can rest assured that they will find just the employee they are looking for online. All they need to do is put some time and effort into getting to know how to use a few different online tools in order to make the interviewing process quicker and simpler.


Donald Fomby is a professional translator for PickWriters and specializes in offering Japanese translation services. Showing others the beauty of learning a new language is one of his biggest passions and in his spare time he loves to travel the world and come in contact with new cultures.

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