Sorting Products by Best Sellers in Magento

Product-Sorting-(Web)Sorting products by best sellers is an important way to increase revenue. The way that your products are ordered is very important if you want to increase conversions. It makes sense that sorting products that are most likely to sell in front of customers will increase the purchases. I will tell you how to sort products by bestseller by default in the catalog.

How to Sort Products by Best Seller in Magento

To sort products by bestseller just follow these simple steps:

  1. Install Product Sorting on your Magento store
  2. Go to System -> Configuration -> Catalog and look under Frontend and change “Product Listing Sort by” to Best Sellers
  3. There is no step #3. It is that easy!

What else can be done with Magento product sorting?

The product sorting extension that you installed has many more features besides just sorting by best sellers. You can also sort by most viewed, highest converting, and more. You can even automatically sort out of stock products last. It is really a must-have for a serious Magento store.

Can I sort my custom product collection by best sellers too using the extension?

Absolutely! If you are someone who likes to code you can also use it to modify your existing collections. Just perform the following on any product collection:

Quick Extension Overview

Magento Product Sorting increases the effectiveness of your online product catalog and can increase your conversion rates. Sort products on your sales page by Best Sellers, Top Performers, Most Viewed, Number of Reviews, and more. Easily cascade your sorting options – such as always showing in stock items first.