Magento Loyalty Extension Released

Enhance sales and reward your most loyal customers with discounts. Loyalty programs allow you to incentivize customers to purchase from you instead of competitors. With our Magento Loyalty Program you will be able to incentive customers based on order history, average order amount, and account age. We provide you with 3 new sales rule for creating unique sales rules that reward a subset of your customers and we also provide a standard loyalty program based on order history. When customers feel like they have an investment in your business, they will be more likely to be repeat customers!

How is our loyalty program different?
It is extremely flexible. It provides 3 new sales rule and it also operates outside of sales rules. This means it will not conflict with any existing sales rules. It allows discounts on the marginal dollar, so customers do not have to place multiple orders to maximize discounts. View the Magento Loyalty Extension page for more information.