Magento Product Feeds Updated

Extendware’s Magento Product Feed allows store owners to create feeds for various shopping sites (google,, yahoo, etc) with ease. Over the last month we have been making a lot of under the hood changes to the extension to bring even more ease of use and capabilities to our valued customers.

Here are some recent changes to our Product Feed extension:

  1. Multi-attribute fields – sometimes you need to combine various product attributes to create a search optimized field value for a shopping site. The most common use case would be creating better product names which enhance visibility in the product search engine. For example, you could combine the manufacturer, category, and more with the product name. Here at Extendware we could do something like this “{{var name}} for {{var platform}}” to make a feed field look like this for Feed Creator Pro: “Feed Creator Pro for Magento”. The possibilities and flexibility are endless!
  2. Filtering on dynamic attributes – Dynamic attributes allow the creation of new product attributes that change based on the value of other product attributes. Now it is possible to exclude products from the feed based on the value of a dynamic attribute
  3. Price output types – you can now set the output type for a field to be “price”. This will ensure the outputted number has no more than 2 decimal places and if desired will also format the price with the currency symbol.
  4. Filtering on empty – if you filter a product attribute and leave the filter value empty, then it will both match empty values and null values. Previously there was not way to match null values

We highly recommend upgrading to the latest releases and be sure to check back as we are constantly adding new features! Also, be sure to check out the Magento Product feeds page for full feature details.

Quick Extension Overview

Extendware’s Magento Product Feed easily creates product feeds for a variety of services such as Google, Yahoo,, and more. The end result is increased exposure for your products and increased revenue as a result. Compatible with XML and CSV / TXT feed formats.

Magento Product Feeds Updated

Extendware’s Magento product feeds has received a significant update that makes creating feeds much more flexible. Here is a run down of the added features / fixes:

  • New category path attribute flexibility – The attribute “Parent Category > Product Category” now allows you to select your own separator and choose the maximum number of ancestors to show.
  • New output filters – Now you may make a field all lower case or upper case by selecting the upper / lowercase output filter.
  • New image URLs – Image urls will output the uncached image url. This is superior as URLs will not be validated if you flush the media cache.
  • Dynamic attributes enhancement – The default value of a dynamic attribute can now have a transformation type associated with it. For example, you may take the produce price and multiply it by 1.2 (or a tax rate) for certain products.
  • Ultimate customisability – We attempt to meet the requirements of all stores and all feed specifications, but know it is impossible out-of-the-box. For special circumstances where default attributes do not work you may now modify attributes or add your own using the Magento event / observer model.