Magento Ajax Cart Up-selling Support to Increase Sales

Our Magento Ajax Cart Extension has had a lot of features and fixes recently. Here is a run down:

Up-selling ability Now the Magento Ajax Cart extension has the ability to list up-sell, cross-sell, related, also viewed, or also bought pages on the success page. This enables you to increase sales by putting products in front of your customers that they are likely to want to purchase.

Mobile / small screen support Before the Ajax Cart would show dialogs in a fixed position on the screen. This works great on a desktop, but on a mobile device or small screen it is possible that the dialog would not be close-able and no ability to scroll the page to close the dialog as the dialog would auto-position. Now the dialog does not auto-position. This way its possible for smaller screens to scroll and close it.

Add to cart on cart page Adding to cart from the cart page is now supported. This is mainly useful if a cross-sell block is shown on the cart page.

Have a look at the Ajax Cart product page and try the demo to see it in action!

Quick Extension Overview

Magento AJAX Cart will change the way your customers interact with your store by making adding and deleting cart, compare and wishlist items AJAX-ified. It works for all product types, has many customization options, and will increase your store’s usability and appearance.