Magento eliminate render-blocking JavaScript

Defer loading of javascript can significantly decrease the page load of your Magento store. Magento uses a lot of javascript and the browser will wait for this javascript to completely download before it renders the page. Now, the Magento Minify Javascript / CSS can eliminate render-blocking javascript.

Site Optimizer already will increase your site speed by minifying javascript / css / html and merging your js / css and even optimizing your images and putting forever expiries on your resources. Javascript deferred loading is the next step to fully optimize your store speed. Our deferred loading technology will work out-of-the-box with all of our Magento extensions and default magento. It will also work with many 3rd party extensions without any modifications.

In addition to javascript deferment we have updated the Site Optimizer with other under-the-hood improvements such as optimizing media images that are inside of cms pages and static block content.

Quick Extension Overview

Speed up your site, improve your search engine site rankings and conversion rate, and improve your user experience in the process. Minify Js / CSS extension reduces page size, bandwidth, request count, and server load without anything more than installing this easy to use and feature-full extension.