Magento Abandonded Cart Reminder Blacklist

Extendware’s Magento Abandoned Cart Reminder is a powerful extension that enables you to capture lost sales by e-mailing customers automatic followups after abandoning their cart. Based on feedback from customers, we have added two new features recently to make this extension even more powerful:

  1. Unsubscribe / E-mail Blacklist – nothing is worse than when a customer receives unwanted e-mail and they become annoyed. In addition, not allowing customers to unsubscribe might be illegal in various jurisdictions. As a result, we now allow customers to unsubscribe from cart reminder e-mails so they never receive them anymore. In addition, you may place emails on the unsubscribe list in the backend. This ensures only customers who want to receive the emails (and potential discounts) will receive them.
  2. Customer Group Disabling – some customers have both a retail and wholesale shop. Abandoned cart reminder most likely should only be used on the retail shop. Now you can disable some customer groups from receiving reminders, so that wholesale customers will not receive the reminders.

To learn more about Magento Abandoned Carts review our Magento Extensions.

Quick Extension Overview

Our Magento Abandoned Cart Email extension allows you to capture additional sales by emailing customers who have abandoned their shopping cart without making a purchase. You can send an unlimited number of follow-up emails to the potential customer and even attach an automatically generated coupon to the follow-up email in order to incentivize a new purchase. Learn more about Extendware’s Abandoned Cart Reminder Extension at our website.