How to Minify Javascript in Magento

Minify-Js--Css-(Web)Minifying javascript is a very important aspect of a faster Magento store. For many stores, it is their greatest weakness on their Google page speed tests.

Why should I minify javascript?

It is important to minify your javascript because it slows down the page load of your Magento store. Many stores can save 500KB off their download size simply by minifying javascript. The less your customers need to download to view your store the faster they can start shopping and purchasing products!

How do I minify javascript in Magento?

It is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase Minify javascript / css for Magento and install it in your store
  2. In your store backend go to Extendware -> Manage Extensions -> Minify JS / CSS -> Configure -> Files and click the “Auto Configure” button

It is really that easy!

Quick Extension Overview

Speed up your site, improve your search engine site rankings and conversion rate, and improve your user experience in the process. Minify Js / CSS extension reduces page size, bandwidth, request count, and server load without anything more than installing this easy to use and feature-full extension.


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