Magento Google Analytics – Page Load Speed

Google-Analytics-DashboardGoogle Analytics has hundreds of reports and this one is often overlooked even though it is one of the most important reports. The report tells you how quick your Magento store is for people. This is very important considering that Magento store speed directly impacts conversion rates and search engine rankings.

What information can be seen from the Page Load Speed report?

The following types of information can be seen from the report:

  • Average Magento page speed – This is the average page load from all requests on the store. It is important for understanding the general speed experience your store customers have.
  • Page specific page speed – Delve deeper and understand exactly what pages are fast and which are slow. The most important page for speed will of course be your home page.

How is this information actionable to my Magento E-Commerce business?

Information is only useful if it is actionable. That means, is it in your power to improve your Magento store speed so you can have better results? The answer is yes!

It is very easy to improve your store speed with our advanced Magento performance extensions. These extensions can improve both your generation time speeds and the download time speeds. Both of these factors are components of store speed.

For maximum results you will want to get these extensions which speed up the various components of page load speed:

Faster page generation time

  1. Full Page Cache – Cache your HTML pages so they can generate very, very fast.
  2. Cache Warmer – Crawler your store to ensure the pages are cached.

Faster page download time

  1. Minify Javascript / Css – Make your javascript / css/ HTML smaller and faster to download.
  2. Image Optimization – Optimize store images so they can be downloaded faster and reduce bandwidth.

Focus on your business and leave the speed to us. Contact us for any questions!

Quick Overview

Magento Google Analytics Dashboard is a dashboard that shows various statistics from your Google analytics account. This helps ensure you are always staying on top of your analytics and are able to quickly spot any downward or upward trends.