Magento Image Optimization

Image-OptimizationMagento Image Optimization is an important performance enhancement that will speed up your Magento page load time. The easiest way to optimize all your Magento images without affecting your existing images is to use the Magento Image Optimization extension for Magento.

Why and when is image optimization important in Magento?

Image optimization affects every single page load. The reason for this is that each page includes unique images and as a result it cannot be cached by the browser well. In addition, low bandwidth and high latency connections such as those used by mobile devices will be benefited a lot from image optimization.

How do I enable image optimization in Magento?

It is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase Magento Image Optimization for Magento and install it in your store
  2. In your store backend go to Extendware -> Manage Extensions -> Image Optimization -> Configure and click the “Auto Configure” button. That’s it!

Quick Overview

Images are very important for online stores, but unnecessarily large images can slow down the user experience and reduce search engine rankings. Image Optimization will optimize your images and reduce their size without sacrificing image quality, so that your site images are faster loading.