Tips On Making Your Online Store Successful

Ok so you have your store all set up, now what!? Just like anything, an online store takes a lot of time, care, and effort to make it successful for you and helpful to your customers. Here we look at some elements needed to ensure everything is working properly. Make sure to ask our support if we can help set you up with a Magento extension that will benefit you and your business!

full-page-cache-webFAST LOADING TIMES

We don’t really think about loading times these days and that’s because a reliable high-speed internet connection is taken for granted. Although one thing is for sure: People aren’t going to stick around for long waiting for a page to load! This is all about making the shopping smooth. You want to optimize your online shop for speed so there’s no money left on the table! Try Extendware’s Full Page Cache extension for Magento to make your pages run faster!


Sometimes the best advocate for your online shop and product are your customers. Your product descriptions can only do so much to convince folks to part with their money. Allowing your customers to review products they’ve bought lets them express how they feel about the overall experience and the product itself. It is also the perfect way to get your products validated by a third party! Reviews produce an average 18% increase in sales, and having 50 or more reviews on a product can increase its conversion by 4.6%


With today’s smartphones packing some very capable cameras, almost anybody can shoot quality product photos. Who would buy something without seeing a photo first anyway?

camrea-01Tips on taking good photos:

◦ Make sure the lens is clean
◦ Take shots with lots of light available
◦ Try different camera angles
◦ Increase the resolution
◦ Check out special shooting modes
◦ Get help from apps with filters and tools



Another issue with photos can sometimes be that they are too large to load quickly on your site, leaving customers waiting on the next page to load. Extendware’s Image Optimization extension can help your images load faster reducing the drag time with large photos.


Your checkout page is the final stop on people’s shopping journey. And one of the best ways to increase conversions and sales is to make it hilariously easy for folks to pay you. This is the place where visitor finally become your customers. To help make your payment process as easy and simple as possible, follow these great tips:

◦ Make sure to have several payment methods availablepayment-methods-01
◦ Don’t force people to sign up, tacky!
◦ Make sure your checkout page matches the rest of your store
◦ Don’t redirect people
◦ Make errors easy to fix
◦ Don’t ask for unnecessary information
◦ Reassure folks with security certificates


Most online shoppers base their opinion of a website on overall design alone and many do not return because of overall aesthetics. A professionally designed online shop can go a long way to making it successful. It also adds credibility and is a way to show your brand personality.

RELATED PRODUCTSwho-viewed-this-also-viewed-for-web

This is upselling at its finest. On your product pages show visitors other items people have bought together or items that are complimentary to each other. For instance, customers may need a pair of batteries for a device or would be better off with extra memory for their camera. This is your opportunity to increase revenue because it shows items visitors may not have otherwise been looking for. Try Extendware’s Who Viewed This Also Viewed extension to help push similar items.


For anyone shopping online, one of the simplest ways to make the experience pleasant to make sure they find what they’re looking for. Make your online shop easy to navigate with an effective category, filter and search system. Since people shop online for convenience, this just makes the whole shopping experience faster and easier for everyone