Magento Product Feeds Updated

Extendware’s Magento product feeds has received a significant update that makes creating feeds much more flexible. Here is a run down of the added features / fixes:

  • New category path attribute flexibility – The attribute “Parent Category > Product Category” now allows you to select your own separator and choose the maximum number of ancestors to show.
  • New output filters – Now you may make a field all lower case or upper case by selecting the upper / lowercase output filter.
  • New image URLs – Image urls will output the uncached image url. This is superior as URLs will not be validated if you flush the media cache.
  • Dynamic attributes enhancement – The default value of a dynamic attribute can now have a transformation type associated with it. For example, you may take the produce price and multiply it by 1.2 (or a tax rate) for certain products.
  • Ultimate customisability – We attempt to meet the requirements of all stores and all feed specifications, but know it is impossible out-of-the-box. For special circumstances where default attributes do not work you may now modify attributes or add your own using the Magento event / observer model.
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