Extendware Aligns with Blue Swallow as Official Development Partner

Extendware is excited to announce our recent partnership with the E-Commerce Agency, Blue Swallow. At Extendware pride ourselves on our top of the line Magento Extensions. Our priority lies with the quality and service that comes with our extensions, and therefore want to focus our time on improving and adding more add-ons to our store.

We know that may times Magento Stores can be different and require more attention after installation. To make sure our customers are getting the best in timely and efficient service, we have outsourced Blue Swallow, a quality E-Commerce Agency.

At Extendware, we believe that you are in excellent hands as the developers at Blue Swallow Group are well versed in Magento and work 7 days a week to ensure our customers are taken care of as urgently as possible. 

Blue Swallow is an experienced e-commerce agency, curating a highly skilled team of Magento specialists, serving clients on a local, regional and global scale. Our qualified team of hand-picked and individually trained developers is certified and highly skilled in Magento, Drupal and WooCommece platforms. We have a combined 7 years’ experience in web development, native mobile/app development, performance optimization, third-party extensions customization and bespoke software development. 

Our working philosophy is based around providing a high degree of efficiency and efficacy, without compromising on quality and having a tailored approach to each individual project. This ensures that all our valued clients get a premium service and the highest degree of quality

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Magento exception: Invalid block type

What does the “Invalid block type” exception mean?

This exception usually means that your layout files are referencing a block that does not exist. This could be because an extension was disabled / deleted or because there is a typo in one of the layout files.

How do I solve this type of issue?

Look at the block name and search your layouts for any reference to this block. You can then either remove the layout reference or create the block it is referencing.

I recommend to always use high quality Magento extensions to avoid errors like this. If you need help resolving this error you can utilize our Magento development services.

Magento-Development-15-MinutesQuick Development Services Overview

We understand that sometimes there simply is not a pre-made extension that meets your specific needs. In these instances you need custom development. In addition, custom development can help squash bugs, debug 3rd party extensions, optimize your store, provide consultation, and more.


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